Best thing ever #3

I'm re-watching all of Buffy, I always go through the same motions, want Buffy and Angel to stay together (4eva!!!!!!), then I'm all like, Riley you can never match up to Angel, then I'm like, uhh Spike you creep, then I'm like oh wait, Spike you're not so bad, oh wait, NO; SPIKE AND BUFFY 4EVA!!!
There are many more complexities like how I feel about Dawn, Willow turning gay, potential slayers, Anya and Xander NOT GETTING MARRIED(!?!?!?!), Giles leaving, the stemming of the 'Angel' series, etcetcetc. Don't even get me started.

(I wonder if anyone who reads this even understands how hilarious and deep I really am, hurhurhur.)

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sight said...

I was on a flight recently with the entire first series of Buffy, it was very nostalgic.