Life goals #1 (jewellery is important)

[images via luluandyourmom, fashiontoast, jakandjil and cheapskatechic]

For the longest time now I've been craving hands and wrists worthy of ogling (I obviously have very low standards for my life goals). All I want really are a few pieces which I wear constantly and help me achieve that gypsy look we all crave deep down.
Well today it hit me that I think I've finally achieved said goal (I'm missing my watch which usually makes an appearance). I think maybe one more ring, bracelet and keeping up with the henna and I'll be happy to start summer.

P.S. Since a few of you seemed to like my reference to 'life bag', I might do a post on my own life bag soon. Keep an eye out!


Lindsey said...

Wow, I never wear jewelry, but I'm wanting to now! So many beautiful pieces here!

Miss Woo said...


sight said...

People with signature jewelry are inspiring, but I loose things far too often to maintain that kind of relationship with my rings.

Twobreadsplease said...

my freaky tiny hands make jewellery hard but yours look lovely. x

Macy said...

I LOVED this post, I'm such a huge fan of rings. Thanks for all the lovely inspiration!