João Ruas

João Ruas was born in São Paulo, Brazil in 1981.

At an early age he was left alone with crayons and papers for a few hours every day, developing an unusual feral behavior which only got worse through the years. João was displayed in London from 2004 to 2007 inside (for an, yet, unknown reason) companies that developed Films and Games. He was shipped back to South America but managed to escape his cage, being spotted inside (for an, yet, unknown reason) Design and Animation Studios, however, the last sights at those locations happened in November 2008.

Since then it was reported by anonymous witnesses that João could be in a tall downtown building , in São Paulo.

Check out his website, tumblr, flickr and follow his twitter.


THE CHEAP said...

WOW. His work is STUNNING.


Lalique said...

Original & Nice posts friend
visiting from Turkey
smiles for you Hugs

Tessa Kit said...

Wow this work is stunnnning! So very amazing! Loving this blog!

Twobreadsplease said...

i really love these, the colours are beautiful. makes me want to start drawing again.

p.s. in london anytime soon? x

Kiyo said...

I love his use of color. It feels like he's depicting a mysterious world/life...

How have you been recently? To answer your question (long delayed, I apologize), I interned at a cultural magazine based in Tokyo. and it was great hearing Yohji-san speak :)

rouli said...

amazin post here!

loooooooooooove these:)

great blog my dear!


Lottie said...

fantastic :)