Madoka Kinoshita

Born in 1980. I was born in Osaka in Japan. I live in Osaka now.
I loved the picture to love cartoon and animation in Japan, to mimic it in the childhood, and to be drawn. I became an illustrator at 23 years old. I draw a picture with a PC and do the work such as a design of the front of the station, the design of the bankcard, the character design of the game. It began to draw the picture on the canvas by an acrylic pigment in 2009 29-year-old. It is because of beginning the idea that it wants to draw an original picture of one point thing different from the print drawn with the personal computer.Then what have I participate in the exhibition of the picture positively. The thing that a lot of people see my picture is happy.

I can't pick a favourite, they are all wonderful.
About to do some major plugging; check out her website (highly recommended), flickr, deviantart, blogspot, myspace and follow her twitter. Enjoy!


Lindsey said...

I can't pick a favorite either! I like the lilac haired girls though. And the girl swinging from the chandelier!

Marinka said...

those are really gorgeous

Miss Woo said...

Haha I dig the heart underpants, so cute.

In a similar style you might like this girl's work too, I think she is amazing. http://babypanda.com.mx/ertop.html (some of her work are R18 and disturbing though, so be warned!)

Oh and three words:

Takeaway, Nutella, Pizza