Lu Flux presentation

Lu Flux is a London designer who specialises in creating unique pieces of ethical clothing. By working with salvaged, vintage and organic fabrics, combined with traditional techniques of knitting, pleating and patchwork, the contemporary menswear and womenswear collections represent an antithesis to the modern trent of expendable fashion. the aim is to make something new out of something old, so as to consume less and reduce waste.

So on Monday I got to attend the Lu Flux presentation and see the designs first hand. There was tea and cupcakes which were so pretty! And whilst people were walking around and looking at the clothes, there was also a painter in the middle doing portraits of the models one at a time. It was a lovely atmosphere and I'm glad I was able to attend. All of the garments had such great detail and care put in to them, I was especially amazed by the ribbon dress (apparently it took a whole day to make) and the mens suit created with material covered in illustrations. If I could I would wear these designs all day every day.

Excuse the bad quality pictures, I was feeling lazy about lugging around my dslr so I took my compact.
See more of her collections on her website.

There were also water colour painted lookbooks, they were lovely. These scans don't do them justice.


Vicki said...

what a fab event!! looks like so much fun! :) x

Marinka said...

It seems like a great day!I love those last illustrations

Lindsey said...

Ooh, the whole shebang looks gorgeous! Love your photos as always.

Miss Woo said...

oh I missed out completely :( Still the photos looks amazing, I like the dude's suit.

5amjetaime said...

your blog is absolutely adorable! this seems a very artsy/versatile collection! thanks for sharing! xoxo from california, gabrielle

Jess ♡ said...

Dude my jaw dropped. LITERALLY DROPPED. These are amazing shots! IF THESE DON'T DO JUSTICE THEN WHAT DOES?!?!?! Wowowoww. Actually!