Aesthetically pleasing II

Firstly let me apologize, I haven't been getting back to comments very well, laziness brings more laziness, the heat is putting me in a coma, I'm exaggerating without exaggerating.
So every now and then I do a splurge on magazines which is somewhat uncalled for. I mean the cost of some of them are ridiculous but I can't resist. Looks like I'll be on the Oliver Twist diet when I get back to University if I continue spending how I have.

I don't think I need to talk about Industrie, I think it was mentioned quite well on Susie's post. It's as good as rumoured. I will admit I haven't completely 100% read through but what I have sat down and read has been impressive.

Industrie Magazine — Issue 01 from Wednesday on Vimeo.

Now let me talk about what I consider to be my most impressive buy. I picked up a copy of this on my last magazine hunt.

The Thatcher’s Children — S/S 2010
“I will change the soul of this country, I will do it, either you are with me or against me. We shall prevail.”
For better or for worse, she did just that. The Thatcher years have left an indelible mark on British society, and some would agree the notions she set under way have spread into the mindsets of our global population.
Ironically, the ‘we are what we buy’ lifestyle of conspicuous consumption that began being sold to us ran counter to Thatcher’s own Victorian values. She would shrink the state and free the people in order to create a hard working, hard saving, self-reliant and thrifty nation, not a nation of money flaunters and credit borrowers. But that is the problem with freeing people; it’s easy to see what you’re freeing them from, harder to see what you’re freeing them for.
Were her ‘Victorian values’ naïve or can society be blamed for exploiting the ideologies of one woman with its inherent nature for greed? Now 31 years on from her election and 20 years since her departure, we ask the question, who are Thatcher’s children? How did the 80s, the politics, the music, the fashion… and Thatcher shape the young minds of the generation?
Her views on the individual in society are mirrored by her views on Britain and its role in the European Union.
“The community is not an end in itself but a family of nations that reflect the traditions and aspirations of all its members… The best way to build the European Community is through active co-operation between independent sovereign states… Europe is stronger precisely because France is France, Spain is Spain and Britain is Britain… It would be folly to try and fit them into some sort of identikit European personality. To suppress nationhood and concentrate power at the centre is ironic when countries such as the Soviet Union who tried to run things from the centre are learning to disperse power away from the centre… We don’t want to see a new Super-state dominating us from Brussels.”
The concept behind our cover was to reflect these views and create an image that makes us think about the individual within society and politics. The child represents Thatcher’s children, the individual and the nation. His wounds represent the damage done to our children by our society; the damage done to an individual when we are taught to follow, consume irresponsibly and aspire to materialistic goals at any cost.
We had to censor the image on the cover as it was deemed ‘politically incorrect’ by some countries. So at the threshold of a new British government, now is the time to question what is really politically correct.

Information from here.
Honestly, it was witty and articulate and I really enjoyed reading it. I won't be the first to admit that I am shallow and when I buy magazines what runs through my head is "ooh pretty". I just like to look at the pictures, sigh, I can't help it. Like I said, reading through I was thoroughly impressed, although, my being quite the dim one I wasn't 100% sure whether I was supposed to agree or disagree with some of the articles (mostly the political ones, I mean what the hell do I know about how it felt to live in Thatcher's rule? (Apart from what we learn in school)). As they put it quite well, the latter generation can't feel as passionately about the whole ordeal as we didn't experience it for ourselves. It was an interesting mix of content. I wish I started collecting these earlier.
Apart from the articles, it was also aesthetically pleasing. The editorials (VIVIENNE WESTWOOD PIRATE COLLECTION VS. PRINCE, BRILLIANT). The simplicity of some of the spreads were such a breath of fresh air after leafing through other magazines trying to cram as much as they can into as tiny a space as possible (no offense Vogue, I still love you).

I also picked up a copy of Vogue Paris collections for F/W 11. I saw the price tag £24.95, uh whut? But of course I bought it. It's written in French and English, considerate, I like. The pictures are laid out nicely and clearly. It was split up into Paris, Milan, New York, London and accessories. There's not much I can say except it's good to keep a record of the collections.

And by this point I am feeling lazy so I'll just say that 10 is also not a disappointment if you're interested. (The interviews are awesome). If you have any specific questions, feel free to ask!


soph (owl vs. dove) said...

Looks like my kind of reading material. Under the Influence looks pretty amazing.

Ariadne said...

Great post!

Silkybow said...

really imformative post about some of the magazines!
I should grab myself a copy of Vogue Paris too ^^

Sher said...

Wow, so many mags! You must have literally spent a bomb! I love mags too but I'm too cheap to spend so much money on them haha.

Got to say Under the Influence looked really interesting.

I've never really been a Vogue person though. Wonder why:P


Carissa said...

and now you made me wanna buy them all LOL!

Twobreadsplease said...

Yes to magazine splurges! A decent magazine is a practically a book these days anyway so the price is sort of ok, at least that's what I tell myself. Under the Influence looks amazing! I'm gonna have a hunt for it at home x

Lindsey said...

That magazine seems pretty cool. The only one I buy is Dwell, but I miss looking through other ones likes this!

Miss Woo said...

wow amazing! I also need to grab Vogue Nippon when I go home!

and yes, the Prada shot is from the current issue of i-D, I can lend it to you if you can hang on that long ;p

natsumi nishizumi said...

These are so inspiring me!! Great magazines! Thank you for sharing!!!

Eri said...

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You have a great blog! I like it!

Please have a look at my fashion blog too, and if you like it, please feel free to follow it ;-)

Ps: I'll be having an amazing giveaway soon, stay tuned!

Hope to see you soon.

Mat said...

under the influence hmmmmm that looks brill, such a nice lay out