Ella May

I’m Ella, I’m lonely and I fly in my sleep.

I like things like dusty photographs and vintage underwear and love letters that were written years and years ago, Anna Karina and Godard films and Juliette Greco, patisserie and books that haunt you, dresses with silk collars, Indie, folk and jazz, rabbits and Tea in a pot and stripy socks, books that make me cry and sending letters, and getting them too, buttons and Lepidopterology and black and white films that have been coloured; Audrey Tautou and the sea and hats and velvet, the click of the shutter and sheet music and vinyl and stars, Louise Brooks and Eva Green and silent movies, Brigitte Bardot and fairgrounds and Balconies and Paris and the light the leaves make and many more thousands of things.

I sometimes take photos and I like the smell of darkrooms. One day I’m going to live in Paris and and smoke russian sobranies and wear suspenders and floral dresses and ride a vintage bike with a basket and go to Ladurée every sunday and walk on the quais.

I come from the Garden of England but I live in the south of France.

I’m sixteen years old.

I’m very pleased to meet you, will you take tea?

More young talent. She seems so dreamy and it shows in her photographs! Check out her portfolio and she has a lot more photos on her flickr, I seriously recommend you browse through, there are so many to be enchanted by. Also check out her tumblr.


melon. said...

shes talented.

Kiyo said...

oh these are so pretty. I love the first and second photo so much.

Lindsey said...

Where do you find these talents? I love that first picture!

Mat said...

love that spacey skirt, would love a tshirt like that

Sher said...

Ella is lovely, isn't she? I found her about 2 years ago when she used to have a blog. Am now following her flickr. I'm really jealous of all these young talents:)


Marinka said...

those photos are so beautiful ^^