Kris Atomic

Kristina is a freelance illustrator, photographer, blogger, cat lover, avid reader, only child, tea drinker, filofax user and Stephen Fry fan. She graduated from Camberwell College of Arts with a BA (Hons) degree in Illustration in '09. She currently lives in Brighton with her boyfriend Andrew and her cat Matilda.
Kris Atomic is an alter ego necessitated by a 13 letter long surname that no-one can ever spell (and a fondness for Blondie).
Kristina is available for commissions, freelance opportunities and afternoon tea.

She's honestly one of my favourite illustrators, I even use her Miu Miu illustration (look below) as my pc background. Alongside an illustrator she is an awesome photographer (check out her stuff on her site, seriously).
See more of her stuff at her website, blog, flickr, go follow her twitter and tumblr and lastly she has an etsy shop. (WOW the longest links list I have ever given but worth browsing all of them.) I have to say if you have time have a browse through her flickr sets, I am a big fan of her sketches and zine work.
Oh and she tromps other illustrators because she has the most awesome cat;

♥ ♥ ♥

Ok so enough of all this rambling, here is some of her work but like I said, go check out her stuff!

All images and information credited to her site.


pigtails and blushing cheeks said...

beyong amazing, she's got such a distinct style!!! and congratulations on your award :)

oh, and please don't be sorry, go and ace those exams!!! best of luck <3

Sher said...

I've been kinda busy myself! So I totally understand, now go back to your books:P

Her Miu Miu illustrations are pure genius, I love it so very much!!


Miss Woo said...

Kris Atomic has a lovely blog, I think she's a Brighton girl now as well? (I'm not creeping, honest!)

and everything on Net-a-Porter is so expensive I want to cry. I still have a ten pound voucher from there, maybe I can use it to buy half a paper bag or a broken clothes hanger something.And you must go to Angel's cupcakes, so delicious! They have a kind of semi savory Red velvet cupcake (not as gross as it sounds!) which is really nice. Actually if you're free sometime in Brighton we can go and have a coffee and binge eat cakes somewhere :p Scaring local waiter and waitresses haha.

and good luck with your exams!

Miss Woo said...

Haha I think having gross table manners is okay, I eat A LOT as well. Made Kimchi bibimbap today and it was the best shit ever. I was going to save it for lunch tomorrow as well but I just ate the whole thing, hmm Korean cuisine yum. Anyway, just drop me a email if you're in town sometime and we can go terrorise cafes or something. (In hindsight maybe it is better that I never bump into Kris Atomic, I'll probably awfully embarassed by my bad manners!)

Carla said...

Tottally understandable! no questions asked! i like ur blog by the way, very cool


chibi said...

awww such cute pictures! must go check out her blog :)
good luck with exams!

Miss Woo said...

Re: Pork buns I think they may sell them at China Garden (just after Sushi Garden on East Street) Not big ones though, more dinky dimsums but still yummy. They also have them frozen in the Chinese supermarkets but it's quite the same IMO, too dry. I miss the juicy pork buns that I can get in Taiwan. I think I spend half my life devoting to finding good AZN food in Brighton T_T

And I just realised I'm technically spamming your comments page D:

Lindsey said...

I love her stuff, I like to check out her blog every now and then. I've never seen that awesome cat though!!

Natasha Natalie said...

That cat makes my heart happy. How cute! xx

t said...

Congrats on the award!


Aney said...

I enjoyed scrolling through all these images! They're so cute haha. Especially the "quick, put it in the bag" illustration.

Marinka said...

wow those drawings are really cute and fun ^^