Miu Miu purchase

So as this post contains my Miu Miu purchase, I suddenly thought it would become acceptable to edit the colours of my pictures to an obscene tweak, please do not beg my pardon, it's obnoxious, I know I know (actually imagine it adds a more magical experience to my unwrapping of my most precious purchase).

And now, let me explain before we move on that the reason I am making such a big deal of this is because first of all, I am not rich, so my spending such an amount of money on one small item is a big deal to me (and my funds), and secondly that we all bore witness to the hype caused from the S/S 2010 collection and for me to actually own something from it, no matter how less stated it may be means a lot to me, I am ecstatic to own anything from the collection, much less Miu Miu whose design aesthetic I admire throughout all of her collections (oh my gosh and pre-fall as a follow up was not a let down if you ask me).

Aw hell, since we're here, I might aswell post pictures from the collection, I know it's like 100 years late but why not? It's become so iconic I should have it on my blog somewhere at least.

"As Paris winds down, one of the city's big stories is its designers' fascination with youth. Leave it to that Italian iconoclast Miuccia Prada to crystallize it in an oddly captivating collection that combined short, high-waisted Lolita dresses with naïve animal prints (and one not-so-G-rated lounging-nude motif). "I was questioning innocence, questioning youth," Prada said backstage. "What do they mean today in a world that's the opposite?""
Quote and images from style.com.


Lindsey said...

I REALLY love the way that collar looks with the bare neck and that dress. And I like the pretty blue tone of those pictures!

Winnie said...

Wow I love it! It changes any outfit straight away.

Miss Woo said...

I love it! How damn cute is that collar. The swallows print and the cat print (WANT!) are my favorite from the collection.

and I like the 親子井 (?) from Pompomko, the fried chicken with egg and rice set there is really nice. Have you been to Sushi Garden on Preston St as well (lol sorry this is becoming the Brighton food comment) more pircy but really delicious. Better than Yo! Sushi imo. heh heh I get excited bout food too, simply there's not enough nice restaurant in England (or because I'm Asian? hmmm)

Kiyo said...

wow congratulations!! The collar is so stunning, I love the quirky touch it adds to an outfit. and the swallow print is my favorite! I can't wait to see you wear it. What was it like when you were buying it?? I'd love to hear more and see more from your trip! aah I'm getting excited.

pigtails and blushing cheeks said...

love love love it, it's special moments of shopping like this that are truly retail therapy!

it looks absolutely fantastic and gorgeous, and please don't be apologetic about tweaking lighting, i'm obssessive compulsive when it comes to everything matching in one post :P

also, am very much enjoying these posts about your trip!


Sher said...

Ahh, you can't imagine how jealous I am right now! And I truly comprehend of your love affair with miu miu!! Honestly, I've never want anything from the runway as bad as the miu miu collection! The collar is exquisite!! I've been thinking of doing a sort of diy collar (I've even cut up a shirt collar for it but haven't had the time to draw the swallows in yet:P) And of course I dream of the miu miu swallow platform heels too, oh well, it doesn't cost anything to dream, right?

Oh, I had such a big girl crush on Rory Gilmore when I first saw the show!

How many tattoos are in that chanel pack? I could imagine how you feel to see them depleting, maybe only save them for special occasions??

Ahh $3 for that striped shirt? Seriously? I want it!! My trip last summer to H&M wasn't that fruitful, maybe because there weren't any sale or bargains at that time.

Hmm, maybe the chicken looks different because I've never ever ordered a whole before lol:P

Oh, and the bf will be graduating next june! Well, he has to come back of course because of me haha! I seriously can't wait for the LDR to be over:)


Eleanor said...

I want one of the miu miu colars so badly!!


Michele said...

Wow wow wow!! That's sooo awesome! Love your blue knee socks as well. For some reason knee socks just don't look good on me...*sigh* xx

Patricia Snook said...

*EEEEEK* I love your wonderful blog. What an indulgence you have here. Oh my gosh though, your purchase is stunning, I love the Miu Miu patterns.

Your whole outfit is just stunning.

Anyway, have a fab week ahead, you've got a new follower ;)



Sleepingviolet said...

You must be so happy just to own a piece of this collection :) I would .

cinta / sepi / sayu said...

this collection was truly cute, happy you got a slice of it Xx

Adrienne said...

wow! I'm so excited for you!
This post felt like Christmas. I love the one you chose! You'll get so much wear out of this accessory.

Cass&Cole said...

Cannot. Get. Over. Miu Miu. Ughh, even the darn packaging looks too good for words. So jealous! :)

Tania said...

That collar looks great on you! I couldn't choose which one I love most.
Sorry if I sound rude, but how much was it? I really want to get hold of my own.


Marla Singer said...

omg the collar!!! i dieeeeeeeeeeeeee <333

Valentina Siragusa said...

oh i want it!!

how much??


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Miss Woo said...

Still coveting the collar T_T. Going up to the Dover Street Market sample sale this Saturday so maybe I will have window browse at Miu Miu while I'm at it..

And Rolle fudge shop sold my friend a HUGE 50 pence fudge piece once (she was broke), they were so nice about it too. I don’t really ‘get’ fudge (like cake…but not really?) but love it there as it always smell so nice. I never been to the frozen yoghurt place, I walk past there frequent;y but always forgot to go. I love frozen yoghurt and all ice cream though so I really need to visit one of these days (you should try the one at the Hove seaside! Forgot the name but it’s quite well known…)

and novella length comments FTW, haha.

STARR said...

I love the skirt and your miumiu collar is adorable! I like how subtle but still recognizable it looks.

mademoisellehannah said...

You bought a Miu Miu collar! This makes me simultaneously so happy for you and so sad that I don't own one. Can't wait to see more outfit photos with it!

heart charlie said...

Oh my goodness!!! I love that miu miu collar!!! AMAZING!

Wends said...

eeeee! little slice of heaven

Mat said...

excellent how exciting for you. this collection really is being talked about everywhere we turn right now. but you are the first i have seen with the collar! love the colour of the tights too

Férociouslista said...

soooo cute!

hayley said...

you're so lucky!!! I've wanted that collar since I first saw it but I am also at lack for funds... the swallows are so cute! I love your blog and I am now following :)


Silkybow said...

This looks very heavenly *_*