Elena Kholkina

Let me start by saying wowowow! Hi to all my new followers and a big thank you to any comments, I read all of them and I will get back to all of them, I'm just a little bombarded with school work. Usually I have no way of knowing when someone leaves me a comment on any older entries except for my comment RSS feed which I have on my reader, I have only just discovered you can get notification emails, so yes that was my epiphany. Hopefully it will make keeping track of comments easier. Once again, a big thanks to Elin for the feature ♥♥♥
Also I received a lovely comment from Dress Laundrette, you should check them out, they have the nicest blog on their site with nice features and cute products, so go have a a gander if you will.
I have also added a contact email on my sidebar as Dress Laundrette pointed out that it is difficult to find a way of contacting me, I just never thought it would become an issue where I needed to be contacted, but anyhoo, it's there if you need to email me or anything :)
So on with the photographer feature!;
Once again, I am very sorry but once again I can't provide any information except for some links, but please, enjoy this post nonetheless!
See more at her website, Flickr and Livejournal.
I really love The Virgin Suicides photo shoot best, then the one with the projector.


Eva said...

The concept of the second photo is really amazing.

Tayler said...

gorgeous, as always. I really love the blackish-and white ones <3


Sher said...

Hauntingly beautiful!

Congrats on all the new followers, hun:)


gracie. said...

i love these photographs. so beautiful. x

Kiyo said...

I think I've said this a lot but you find the best inspiration! Love the second to last one :)

Marla Singer said...

those photos are breath-taking! <333

Caitlin Shearer said...

wow, i'm so glad to have discovered these amazing photos, thanks to you!