Sally Scott

First of all I would like to thank Aoi for commenting on my last post, I feel so honoured that someone who's work I admire enough to blog about actually saw it here! And I'm grateful to those who also comment, it makes my day to see them ^.^

So Sally Scott is actually a designer but to be honest I think her photos to show her 09-10 Autumn & Winter Collection are mention worthy, honestly I would be fooled into thinking that she is a photographer, I am seriously in love with the photographs, not to mention the clothes are lovely too! You should see her website which itself to me feels like artwork and check out this collection and this one too because I love it for its photographs aswell. Sadly it doesn't mention who the photographer for her catalogue is but if it is Miss Scott herself, then touche! I am very impressed, multi talented. I hope you like this post!


the notebook doodles said...

such nice photos!!

Kiyo said...

I love the natural light of these photographs. Everything--the model, clothes, setting fits perfectly together!