Nirrimi Hakanson

So yet another talented young artist, it amazes me to no end just how much younger these artists get. I think possibly the reason they can take such beautiful pictures so young is because we are most vulnerable when younger and still so innocent to the world and that translates beautifully into images.
I haven't got much information about Nirrimi except that she is 17 and from Australia, please check out her website, deviantArt gallery, flickr, twitter and of course her blogspot.
Enjoy these selected works (the second to last picture is my absolute favourite!);

Oh and do watch this lovely short clip she made (it compliments her photographs beautifully);


jessica wu said...

i love the photo on the dock. and i also love the vid!
and the one where the girl looks like she's floating in the air.


Margaret said...

these are amazing! I love the last photo before the video. tights as pants.. should happen more often.

Sushi said...

Such gorgeous photos x Sushi

Vinda Sonata said...