Lina Scheynius

Firstly, let me just say; I hope what I post here inspires you, anyone, I think there are more artists out there that just deserve more recognition and by posting them here, I'm just letting you know how fantastic and fond of them I am and I hope you will be too, that is all.

Moving on! I know I say this alot but I am truly in love with Lina's work, honestly, it's so raw and honest, it's everything I wish I could express in photographs. You should shimmy over to her FAQ, she seems so down to earth.
Love this!
How / when / where did you start taking pictures?

I wanted to start sooner but my parents thought I would break the camera so I had to wait until they decided I was old enough and bought one for me. So I started on my 10th birthday in my home taking pictures of the cake and my feet and my best friend sitting on the toilet. Pretty much the same thing I do now.

Please check out her website and her flickr.


Olivia said...

beautiful images, i'm loving what you feature on your blog by the way.


pigtails and blushing cheeks said...

oh wow, she takes incredible photos
i agree with the above reply, thankyou very much for sharing these inspirational people on your blog !!

Constance said...

These are beautiful x