Antonella Arismendi

I am inlove and enticed by Arismendi's work, it truly tells a story for each series of photographs. Please visit her website, you won't be disappointed.
(Sorry for the image heavy post! - Worth it.)

Passionate about film and story telling, this little lady from the mid eighties grew up with barbies, twin peaks and the ghosts of Raota, which adorn the hallways of her home to this very day.
Her influences converge in a magical fusion of technique, sensuality and mystique which have defined her artistic persona.
Captivating by nature, Antonella plans to blow up everything, at least that's what her natal chart says.


Fotografia Ślubna Warszawa said...

nice stuff!

Velo said...

those pictures are amazing! i love it...
really really love it.. from top to toe =)

pigtails and blushing cheeks said...

LOVE her stuff!!!! Thank You for your sweet comment, i'll try my best to still post :)