Elena Kalis

These photographs are simply enchanting. If I could I would love to do interviews with artists or photographers I post here.
Please check out Elena's website and deviantArt gallery.

I was born in Moscow (Russia) and have lived for the past ten years on a small island in the Bahamas with my husband and two children.
I have an education in art, but have recently been following my interest in photography.
Over the past year I have been doing some underwater projects with my children and friends.
Some of my images have been used for book, magazine and CD covers, and have appeared in print magazines and online publications.


Fotografia Ślubna Warszawa said...

classical shoots :)

Luana said...

These are amazing! I love underwater shoots. Also your blog is lovely, definitely coming back.

pigtails and blushing cheeks said...

oh wow thankyou for sharing these
her photos are absolutely inspired
they are frighteningly beautiful