Chrissie White

Once again I have yet another talented young artist, honestly I don't know people can be so talented so young, it makes me envious. Her name is Chrissie White and I am sure you have seen her work floating around on the internet and been in awe, so here is a post with some of her work for your aesthetic pleasures and I hope you enjoy. Please check out her website, Flickr, Lookbook and Model Mayhem.

About Chrissie
I was born in 1993 and currently live in Seattle, Washington. Before I took photographs I wanted to be a real estate agent, and before that, a lawyer. Currently I'm in highschool and working as a freelance photographer. I shoot both digital and film using a canon rebel xti, minolta srt-101, and an instax. I find myself drawn to taking pictures of people for the slight unknown of exactly what they will do. I am also interested in package design,set design, fashion blogs, and traveling.

Features & Commissions
- Many features on various online and offline magazines worldwide (not listed here)
- Photographs taken for the film Unicorns (upcoming) - Interview in Chinese magazine TECHMAG (2009)
- Spread in N.E.E.T magazine (2009)
- Small article in Betty Magazine (2009)
- feature in asos magazine (2009)
- Photographer of the year winner, age group 15-17 for DC Mag (2008)
- Fashion shoot with designers Liise wyatt and Karly orr (2008)
- Front page feature published in seattle P.I. (2008)
- Photo used on a book cover (2008)
- Photos taken for the band Eisley (2008)


the notebook doodles said...

the photos are incredible :p

jessica wu said...

INCREDIBLY AMAZINGLY GORGEOUSLY beautiful photos. this girl is talented and only 16!? o my goodness. love 3,5,6 and 10. stunning.


anouk said...

aww, lovely photos.

pigtails and blushing cheeks said...

wow, these are so lovely!!! especially the last photo with the flowers on their heads :D linked you too, you're always discovering really talented and beautiful works of artists <3

underwerket / Lisa Grue said...

I REALLY LOVE these pictures. They are so much me.

Cass&Cole said...

really adore all your posts, they're so interesting! i'm terrible at finding new photographers and artists to love by myself. once i get our layout more organized, i'll be sure to link you! :)


Cass&Cole said...

hooray for blogs! did you find me from xanga? :O