Bruno Dayan

I have only just stumbled across Bruno Dayan, his work is sensational, he is a fashion photographer and personally I think his work has such an edge in comparison to what we’re seeing in recent take on fashion photography. Please visit his site for more amazing photos, but here are a few of my favourites:

I know right, speechless! Looking at these makes me wish I had chosen to go into some sort of fashion/photography related option for University. They look absolutely magical and seductive at the same time. Lovelovelove his work!


Mathieu said...

oh wow!
he IS fantastic!
they're magic!

Hiroko said...

i know! i love how they all look like scenes of something happening, not just a photograph for fashion.

jonas wunderman said...

... sorry, nice blog by the way!

jonas wunderman said...

you're right ... speechless.


Hiroko said...

Thank you Jonas! ^.^

I know, it will be hard to find another photographer who can top these off I think!