Akif Hakan

Born in Istanbul, Turkey and now a Miami, Florida resident Akif Hakan Celebi is an experimenter when it comes to new photographic techniques and styles. He manages to implement and blend current trends in visual arts with his own creativity which is influenced by many great movies especially from the Far East. In most of his works ,his goal is to give the viewers a story and set an athmospheric mood within the images he creates. He brings 'Expressionism' into photography with the use of unusual color combinations. He approaches fashion photography with an edge , blending fine-art and photo-journalistic aspects with glamour , sensuality and beauty. His images are very cinematic and always striving to go beyond established styles and widen the boundaries of photographic expression. He produces powerful images that leave an impact on the viewer. In 2006, he has been awarded by Max magazine as one of the best new generation photographers of the future, he was also a finalist in 2006 International Color Awards.

Ok so I know I’m not too up to date or great with fashion knowledge but I can make posts about some of my favourite artists or photographers at least. And if that’s the case then you HAVE to visit the Hakan Photographywebsite.
He is one of my favourite photographers and I’ve admired his work for quite some time. I think his work has magic without all the special effects, it’s as if I can feel a story behind every picture, each character is another enticing woman and I want to know more. I love that he does work in series and they really do work well as a complete series. Again a little sneak peak of his work, some of my favourites. I’m sure many people may have seen his work before without knowing who he might be because I often see his work floating around without credit which is sad, I actually saw some of his pictures on the mood board of a friend’s art folder and I had to go on a massive rant type thing about how wonderful his pictures are and brag about him until she resigned to looking at his site.
Sorry about this image heavy post but I just adore his photographs!

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i am in love with the nude photo and everything else as well .. this is amazing.