Colour Vomit

Wearing head to toe American Apparel. I have nothing interesting to say here, so I will leave you with my clashing patterns. Adieu.

Moleskine Project

So I have set myself a little project for this years weekly planner, I want to try and fill it up as much with doodles and inspirational quotes, etcetcetc. You get the gist. My opening page is just an Aya Takano copy pretty much, but hey, don't they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery(…?)

If you want to check out as I go along, I'll be updating on my (here comes shameless self promotion) Pinterest board.

American Apparel Valentine's Day window display

So last week I was fortunate enough to be offered the chance to design the Valentine's Day window at American Apparel. I made the origami hearts and lotus flowers all myself and chose the outfits and overall design. So far I've received good feedback and I'm quite pleased with it.

If you're around little Brighton town, you can see for yourself! It'll be down pretty soon after Valentine's Day.

Life via Instagram #2

Food, got a job, went to Portugal (uh-mazing), trying out different nail designs. That is all.

Soon I'll do a "proper" post, or something along those lines. For now, Instagram filtered images will have to do.

Bryan Lewis Saunders


A selection of self-portraits in love throughout the years."

These are just a few of my favourites from his love section on his website. I really love his self portraits and you should really take the time to look through his drugs self portraits where he draws himself under the influence of different drugs.